Monday, March 28, 2011

my bestie!

for some time i had left the blog,,nothing to update..but I thinking something about my this time i want to post about my best frenz,,i dont have many its easy for me to calculate..huhu,,so this is the list for my bez frenz,
1. His name is Ikram @ eykram roland after converted..hehe..this boy live in taman melati same as me..but now studying at UniKL..1st time i met him, i thought he is a hip hop boy,,but i found out he love metal(just like me) so we get close..about him? i dont know what to say, bcoz he totally evil person & cruel,..he love art..good at singing & drawing,,love to wear branded stuff..but actually he is a gud person,,he still remember all his frenz,,,so keep it up man!
2. Nafis rosli...we know from form2..he is a sk8er when i know him,.he type of person that always try something new..all kind of thing he do,,from sk8 -bmx, bmx-mountain bike, & many more..he is a funny my frenz, just be yourself,,

3.IZATY MARDZIAH...bdk sengal..hehe..she is uitm kuala pilah's student..we know each other from the Projek Kalsom 2007..we are in a same group...i cant deny it, she is my bez gurl frenz ever..bcoz she still rmmber me eventhough she have many frenz..daku advice for her, keep lovin him,dont thing negatively ok...hope u always hepi..:)
4.IZHAM akibi,,,well bdk ni boleh dktakan bdk otaku gak la.,.huhu..tpi nsib dye xnerd..hehe,,
orite, my story about him, he is my frenz since form3..sometime he blur & sometime he's fine..i dont know what on his mind,,but he is a gud guy,,love to draw anime character,listen to music & computer is his life,,he stdying at politeknik tuanku syed sirajuddin,,so my frenz, my advice for u, get a gurlfrenz..haha,,
5. His name is MOhd faZrul @ pojoin..i dont know where he get that nickname..i know him since primary school, but that time we not so form 4 we are in same class,so i get to know all about him..he totally funny guy,,,enjoy frenz with him..he have a good looking face,,so many gurl like him..but i dont know why her love not stay long,,huhu..
6.he is fakhrul afifi..about him?? u dont want to know about him..haha,,bcoz he is crazy person..when we hang out, i cannot say much bcoz i always laugh..haha..he love to hang out..enjoy is his life..we not know each other in a long time,.bcoz we not in a same class, mcm owg kata perlis 'knai lagu2 tu ja,,' huhu...tpi apa2 pon hg mmg gempak la,,,

i also have many frenz more, but too many to story,,i only can say their name..its is nas aidil,mad nazreen, asma zulaikha, zul fadzly,aishah, nadialis,ain, fauzi, yusri, safuan,afiq cof, am, aris, arif ishak,syafiq gopeng, anek,oney, afdal,shahir, nabil & many more