Monday, December 28, 2009


2009 almost come to it end!!! many memory was happened in 2009..aku nk lupekan smua memori yg wt aku sdih..wuwu too many..about a 'gurl' about school about frenz n everything that was so sad to me..hope dis 2010 will be the best year for me..
AZAM??g la tnye azam..huhu...azam aku taun 2010 aku nk succes dlm STPM..isaw siot beb,,& aku hrp all my frenz also will succes too..1 g, aku hrp aku leh phm erti khidupan after turning 19 t(4/9/2010)..waaaa..pak cik dh tua..i also hope some1 i was loved will get her happiness i want to continue my life with my fmily, frend &~~~~..huhu nothing..
cuma tuk bg hti aku hepi...nk lpakn kisah lma..ape pon
HaPPy NEW YEAR semue!!!